Monday, November 9, 2009

The Invasion Of The PODCARD Snatchers!

Here, in no particular order, are a few recent e-mail requests for an Official This Week in Amateur Radio QSL Card. The more traditional pathway of writing a reception report and mailing it to: This Week in Amateur Radio Post Office Box 30, Sand Lake, New York 12153 has given way in recent years to an e-mail request sent to n2fnh@capital.net. So, whether you receive the program over your local VHF or UHF repeater, copy the show over WBCQ or download the latest weekly Internet Podcast, you can get your own TWIAR QSL Card by taking pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. either way works!

Hi Bill,
So you have the new Podcard? Sign me up.
I still continue to listen to TWIAR and look forward to your segments.
I also follow you on Twitter. (I'm ArcaneRadio)
Please send the card to
Jim Deneen kd8lwp
Pinckney, MI
Just heard about the new podcard in podcast edition 863, sounds good, could you email me one please?
Twitter: swlistener
I really, really, did visit your blog. Awesome job.
Secret promo code: RATRAT
Would love to have an Official This Week in Amateur
Radio QSL card.
I am:
Charles Schaaf (wb8sho)
Please send the new PODCard to
Bill Alpert, KG6NRV
Alta Loma, CA USA
These are the latest This Week In Amateur Radio listeners to receive our brand new TWIAR PODCARD (with the secret mystery message). For more details, check out the following addresses:
My good buddy Boleslav Krasnov, senior technician at Canarsie Wireless in Brooklyn, explains it all!